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      發布人:高教評價院  發布時間:2019-07-15   瀏覽次數:14

      The ISSI 2019 organizer announced that a new version of the program of ISSI2019 (with a Special STI Indicators Conference track)  is available on line on the conference website https://www.issi2019.org/programme 

      Please note that it contains several corrections on paper/poster titles, author lists and speaker designations. In addition, in view of several requests, the conference organizer had to move some papers from one session to another. Therefore, please check whether your paper is still in the same session as indicated in Version 1 of the program published on 28 June. 
      If you have any comments or questions, please contact the Program Chair Henk F. Moed, email: henk.moed@uniroma1.it